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Lighting Compliance Testing in California: What It Is & Why You Need It

Navigating the state's energy efficiency standards can be daunting, especially when you're undertaking a construction project in Southern California. This is where lighting compliance testing, specifically Title 24 Acceptance Testing, comes into play. At Title 24 Energy Solutions, we've been leading the way in lighting compliance testing, ensuring that lighting control systems are not just installed but also programmed correctly to meet the standards set by Title 24, Part 6 for non-residential buildings.

What is Lighting Compliance Testing?

Lighting Compliance Testing, also known as Title 24 Acceptance Testing, is the process of certifying a project's lighting control system. This includes submitting an acceptance testing report by a certified contractor and technician to the state.

Lighting Compliance Testing is a key part of the compliance journey for any building project. It serves to confirm that the designed lighting control system operates correctly to deliver energy efficiency and meet the criteria established by California's energy standards.

Why is Lighting Compliance Testing Vital?

The importance of this certification is twofold. First, it ensures that the lighting control systems are designed, installed, and programmed correctly. It is not enough to install energy-efficient devices; they have to be programmed and controlled correctly to maximize their intended energy-saving potential.

Second, as per state regulations, many city inspectors enforce this certification before giving a final nod to any project. In essence, without this certification, your project will not meet the necessary approval for its completion.

Enter Title 24 Energy Solutions

Title 24 Energy Solutions steps in to make this process simple and efficient for you. With decades of experience in the electrical industry, we pride ourselves as California's premier lighting compliance service. Our CALCTP-certified Acceptance Testing Technicians perform the required onsite inspections, test your systems, detail any corrections if needed, and process the certification -- usually within the same business day!

What makes us stand out is our commitment to the ease and efficiency of our process. We offer same-day testing and certification services. This significantly reduces any potential downtime, ensuring your project stays on schedule.

Serving Southern California

We provide extensive coverage including Riverside County, Orange County, San Diego, Los Angeles, and all other areas across Southern California. Our reach and prompt services ensure that we can schedule your project within a day, with no extra costs for travel, irrespective of your location within the state.

At Title 24 Energy Solutions, we make sure that your journey towards energy-efficient lighting systems compliant with the necessary regulations is smooth, swift, and straightforward.

Contact us today to obtain a quote and let our expert technicians help you sail through your Title 24 Acceptance Testing needs in Southern California.


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